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Canine Kleptomaniacs


An award-winning, all-ages card game inspired by pilfering pooches and created by a dog-loving family from Devon.

Golden Ginty Games Ltd. was established in 2019 to launch a Kickstarter campaign for our family card game 'Canine Kleptomaniacs'. Following the success of our Kickstarter we've gone onto self-publish the award-winning, all-ages-friendly doggy game Canine Kleptomaniacs and an expansion pack called Covert Ops!

The game was inspired by the thieving antics of our own beloved spaniel Amber, and is a true whole-of-family collaboration, with even the illustrations being done by our eldest son.

In Canine Kleptomaniacs you play as a miscreant mutt intent on stealing and hiding socks, slippers, underpants and all many of other pongy titbits in order to score the most pooch points.

Contact Details:

Matt & Jo


Vita Canis

Leo Charley & Me


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