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Vita Canis


Natural aromatherapy products for dogs & their owners.

"I started Vita Canis from the simplest desire to produce 100% natural aromatherapy products which have a useful purpose for both dogs and their owners. My personal belief in living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is a key driving force in how I run my business and this is at the core of all my product development.

Imagine how would you feel if your dog was treated with 100% natural products, which are highly effective, with no synthetic chemicals, no parabens, no steroids, and no synthetic fragrances?

Just imagine the positive impact Vita Canis natural products could have on your dogs’ and your life…

Ticks and fleas not bothering you and your dog, as they are repelled by powerful essential oils in Tick Off.

No horse flies buzzing around you, your dog or horse thanks to our Insect Repelling Citrus Spray.

Soothing Skin Relief for your dog suffering from the discomfort of itchy skin.

Calming Floral Spray for your dog, helping him to deal with stress the natural way. The powerful blend of essential oils and hydrosols used here is also great for firework fear, motion sickness, adjusting to new environments, visits to vets and dog groomers.

Utterly Butterly Paw Butter & Hand Butter for all those dry paws and hands, to keep them moisturised and nourished.

And if you’re like me, and you also love things handmade, take a look at our lovely oil burners. They are designed by me and made in Slovakia by my very talented friend Ivka.

Come inside and take a look at our online shop, and if you have some extra time, why not stop in at the library (aka my blog)! I’m super passionate about sharing my knowledge and you will find LOTS of useful DIY tips from natural healing remedies to grooming tips to doggie treat recipes and lots, lots more."

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Vita Canis

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