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Grooming products by dog lovers, for dog lovers. Including Happy Tears Tear Stain Treatment to treat the stubborn marks left by excess tearing

The brown or red stains you can find under a dogs eyes are tear stains. Even in the happiest of dogs, they can make your happy chappy look glum. Typically more visible in dogs that have white or lightly coloured fur, they tend to affect dogs with shorter noses and are generally caused by excessive tearing or insufficient drainage – the medical term for this is called Epiphora.

Doting owners of Maltese, Maltipoos and Cavapoos ourselves, over the years we’ve tried and tested many products that attempted to tackle this pesky problem. Some would try to cover it up, some to harshly remove, but none were an effective tear stain remover. Happy Tears® was born out of frustration – the products available were simply too meek and mild, or too harsh and horrible. We wanted to create a truly best-in-class product that would cure and prevent, care and cleanse. The sort of product we’d be happy to endorse for human use too. Not a superficial cover-up, or harsh abrasive. We wanted to make that product the best that it could be. We made Happy Tears®.

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