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It's all about ART!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

I am Tammy of Tammy Walters Illustrations, I am obsessed with my dogs and other peoples dogs, painting them and drawing them. I have made such a wonderful connection with this doggy community I feel like they are my family.

I awake to Instagram messages from my puppy ambassadors wishing me good morning and sharing all their wonderful news, and by speaking to them I am then engaging with all their puppy friends too, which let me tell you are the cutest bunch ever.

Getting the wonderful work of a commission for someone’s dog isn’t just a painting job to me.

I feel a connection with that dog as soon as I put pen to paper or paint to canvas. On many occasions, some of these commissions are pets that are no longer with us which is very sensitive as I am creating a piece of work that us humans can keep forever and brings a smile and a memory every day.

I couldn’t put any more passion into my work if I tried. I am creating birthday cards and stationery with their own cute little pup on and it is so rewarding to know that they are then sharing these cards with friends and family and I know it brings them so much joy too, and in this pandemic receiving something handwritten can make such a difference

to so many people feeling alone or just fed up of being without social interaction.

It also gives me a great opportunity to collaborate with other designers and we support a whole bunch of other small businesses, with either positive comments or being able to give designs tips or share suppliers etc.

I am so blessed to be in such an inclusive puppy community and the power of the pack is definitely the motto here…

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You can browse Tammy’s amazing collection HERE


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