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Updated: Feb 2

With Radha the creative genius and founder of Create & Engrave!

I’m Radha, blissful wife of a carpenter, mum of 2, embracer of life and owner of Create and Engrave, a new business that started in April, from what was nothing more than hobby.

I was a Computer Science teacher of fifteen years. I loved every moment and poured my heart and soul into what I thought would be a lifelong career. Then I found this. Using my skills, playing around with my husband’s engraving equipment, I realised I could do some seriously good things with wood and slate that was really starting to get industry-wide attention.

Let me take you on a Virtual tour and fill you in on whats going on at Create & Engrave...

Visit Radha


Instagram @personalisedgiftengraver

Facebook @createandengrave

Get your paws on son amazing creations over on Puppy Post The Market too...

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