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Bringing Rainbow Bridges from your heart to your home…..

Hello, thanks for welcoming me to your community. I’m Emma a fused glass artist and I’m owned currently by 2 Gordon Setters, Sophie 4 and George 3.

We are waiting for a new pupster to join our family after Izzy passed over the Rainbow Bridge in November 2020. I also live with my husband and my Owl, Darcey, a captive-bred for generations back Indian Eagle Owl.

I know your first question will be ‘an Owl?!’ She lives in a large aviary in our garden, 7 years old and is completely convinced she is a dog…. She chats to them (ignores me mind you!) used to groom Harry’s nose (Gordon Setter sadly over the Rainbow Bridge) through the aviary mesh, now that is trust as that beak is sharp! Sophie is completely obsessed by her and will pester me when she thinks it’s time to feed her and the moment you say “let’s go feed Darcey/Owley/Bird Brain” she is off like a shot into the garden.

Sadly, Harry is not the only member of our family who is over the Rainbow Bridge which is why as The British Glass Lady I handmake fused glass Rainbow Bridges in memory of those who have crossed.

I can include their ashes, a paw print, handwrite their name or many customers add a special pen to add their own thoughts and messages, or know they can add future members of the family when that tragic time comes, always far too soon.

I hand-make each Rainbow Bridge to order and, if I know their name I chat to them esp if I am including ashes as I make them. Often Sophie and George will come into my studio curl up in their baskets under my work bench as if they are keeping them company till they go back home. Each Rainbow has two separate firings in the kiln each of around 12 hours.

What I love most about my Rainbows is comments from customers like “It is so precious to me” “such a beautiful tribute” “My friend that I bought one for cried when she opened it, she also has hers pride of place in her living room where the sun catches it ..... you have no idea how comforting your rainbows are”.

To know that I have given a ray of light and comfort about such a heart-breaking situation I genuinely cannot find the words to express how that makes me feel. Honoured is the closest I can come to describing it and that is not enough.

If you have any questions or a bespoke piece of any kind in mind please contact me, I want to be sure that your precious memorial is perfect for you.

Ps we have a multiple dog-friendly holiday home in South Devon, no limit on numbers, no silly breed restrictions and all your family are welcome in all rooms #DogsAreFamily


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