Meet Celia

Updated: Feb 2

The human behind the brand... For Dog's Sake Treats.

I’m Celia...

I live in Liverpool with my son, husband and Bella -

My business was never planned. I just made treats for Bella for training needs as a puppy, or for health problems. Or for myself -a dog walking bag for when I had no pockets -or a thank you gift, my pawtraits.

Word got around and I started getting orders from individuals, local shops and cafes. Sometimes I would be asked for something specific e.g. birthday cake and I would oblige.

Now my cakes, liver cake, a high-value training treat, sardine oatcakes and pawtraits are my most popular items.

Before this, I was a Rehabilitation Officer for the blind and before that, I was an Architect. I love solving problems by creating things, which is how this all started. Some say this is less important than my previous jobs. But what can be more important than making a dog and their owner happy? That is after all one of the challenges of life (especially now), to be happy by making others happy.

Im looking forward to making treats for your pup!

Love Celia

Follow Celia...

Check out Celia over on Instagram @_for_dogs_sake_treats and on Puppy Post The Market #dogtreats #shopnow #christmas

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