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Dog ownership can often be bewildering and expensive, leaving owners feeling overwhelmed and desperate for accessible, professional guidance from a trusted source. Whether it is a physical, mental, behavioural, or nutritional health issue, Dogtastic offers unlimited and affordable digital vetcare at the touch of a button for just £24/ first year to support both you and your dog.

With household canine expenses escalating over the last decade and especially during the recent pandemic, which has seen a 20% explosion in UK dog ownership. Dogtastic aims to resolve non-emergency issues by connecting dog parents instantly to vets from the comfort of their pocket or home, and for a mere fraction of the cost of a traditional vet visit. With no appointments or wait times necessary, Dogtastic will give you instant access to personalised vetcare advice to help you overcome a whole range of canine issues, nurturing your dog’s health and wellbeing, as well as your own confidence, whilst saving you money.

Developed in collaboration with vets and designed by dog lovers, Dogtastic is a simple to use, web-based app that enables members to chat live via video or text chat with qualified and experienced vets to reduce unnecessary and costly visits to a veterinary practise, and protect their dog’s wellbeing, as well as their pockets. The technology developed also enables dog owners to save and access a historic, searchable, record of past conversations with the Dogtastic vets either via smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Dogtastic offer a personalised service for every parent, including up to three dogs per single household account for just £24/ first year. Developed with preventative dog healthcare in mind and based upon the belief that every dog will benefit from holistic 4 pillar healthcare, Dogtastic continuously nurtures dog health with personalised physical, mental, behavioural, or nutritional proactive advice from their team of handpicked veterinary experts.

Whether you have just brought home your first puppy, need advice on how to deal with a tick bite, or how to support a dog suffering from separation anxiety, or wondering if a costly veterinary practise visit is really necessary, the expert veterinary team at Dogtastic are here to help, support and guide you through your dog parenting journey.

You know here at Puppy Post we love to know the human behind the brand.

Dogtastic is the brainchild of Gregoire Charbonnier, Malcolm Granath and Simon MacTaggart who have worked collectively over the past 12 months to develop a unique holistic telehealth service for dogs.

Having raised seed investment, designed this unique app and recruited an expert vet care panel, they are now launching Dogtastic in the UK.

Here is what our Puppy Panel member Storm has to say about it!

"We have been experiencing a few issues with Storm and fears around a gun simulation device so this free trial came at the right time. There are so many times there are little things I will put into a list to wait until we are going to the vet the next time as fees can be pricey.

The app is the perfect solution to this. I videoed call a behaviourist vet and was put straight through to Dr Paulina. She was perfect and so helpful explaining that it would take training and best to avoid the field with the gun simulation as it's not the best for training as she will always be scared.

She then said to stop the video and open the chat so she could send me overtraining documents. I couldn’t get it to work through the app but she did send them to me via email and so far these have been great. It's so good to know there is a vet to just ask the odd questions to should I ever need to without paying huge fees.

We love it and it's not hugely expensive either it's definitely something we will consider keeping on in the future!"

To find out more head over to their website here and grab a free 7-day trial!

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