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Elephants Never Forget...

Dementia UK: Dog accessories

Elephants never forget is our newest collection here at Pretty Pooches Boutique, not only is it the cutest elephant design on the market but was also created to support our loved ones suffering with dementia and their families by donating 10% of each sale to dementia UK via work for good.

We chose elephants to represent dementia as they are known to have the most remarkable memories and in remembrance, we will never forget our loved ones who has suffered or is suffering from this horrible disease. We have raised an amazing £54 and we will continue to support such a worthy cause that helped us out when we had nowhere to turn.

MY STORY: Dogs & Dementia

Hi, my names Kim and I'm the owner of Pretty Pooches Boutique. Who would have thought so much can happen in such a short time! Going back 3 years ago I was caring for my grandparents who both suffered with dementia, it was the hardest decision I ever had to do, leaving behind my flat and relationship and relocating with Killa, my Pomeranian back to my hometown to give around the

clock care to my nan and grandad, things wasn’t great but at that time the only thing that made me smile was knowing how much Killa and Ice brought joy to my grandparents.

I’d often searching around the house calling Killa, going frantic to find him laying on my nan’s lap or snuggled up on the sofa next to my grandad while they both slept. It gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. All of a sudden as my grandad got worse Killa would start laying on his chest, we didn’t really think much of it until one morning my grandad had sadly passed away peacefully in his sleep as if he had known all this time. Killa’s last memory of his pops was laying on his chest the morning he slipped away from us.

Nan coped the best she possibly could although knowing she possibly didn’t fully understand what had happened to her beloved husband after over 65 years of marriage. It was heart-breaking to see her deteriorate. One thing I will always remember is her calling Killa ‘my killa willa’ It was her nickname for him. Even to the point she was on end-of-life care Killa would jump up on her bed and snuggle next to her, even Ice, my french bulldog did too, although he’s a lot heavier, nan always used to moan he’s a lardy bum and would squish her in the bed. He was never one for showing emotion but he had such a soft spot for nan and she did him too.

As she got worse Dementia UK and their wonderful team of admiral nurses helped us through the worst of times until the very end. They provided her with the nutrients she needed and she had carers came in 3 times a day to help. We couldn’t have faulted them at all. They gave us the rest we needed when we didn’t have the strength. They went above and beyond to make sure she was comfy leading up to her passing and the support we received though to the end was flawless.

Both Killa & Ice played such a big part in their lives, giving them companionship and being so understanding towards them, their mood always uplifted when they saw the boys. Our dog walks were something they very much looked forward too which is why we decided to donate from our dog accessories to this very cause to help others who need the help too.

I will also be taking part in 30miles in September with Killa and Ice which is a challenge on behalf of Dementia UK, I will be posting updates via Instagram and Facebook, so if you're interested in

following us on this journey don’t forget to give us a follow!

Instagram and Facebook: PrettyPoochesUK Website:

Etsy: PrettyPoochesUK


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