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Final Challenge of the Week!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

What a week it's been! Are you ready for the final challenge of the week!

Today's challenge is being set for you by our friend Niki - Founder of @puptalk101

Do you often take your dog out on a mission to get them tired out so that you can get on with whatever is urgent in your day? Are there times when you feel like you’re charging along trying to take them from point A to point B. And back again.

Every now and again, I love taking a completely different kind of walk with my rescue dog, Bodie. He’s an energetic 2-year-old Collie Lurcher.

Sometimes we will just head out of the front door, down the path. And then the rest is up to him!

He gets to decide every left and right turn. Every cross of a road (as long as it’s safe). Wherever he wants to stop and sniff, that’s what we do.

Yes I’m taking him out for his benefit (and so that I can get on with working from home in some peace). But of course I benefit hugely as well.

Exercise and fresh air are are obvious benefits. But so is the luxury of just tuning into the simplicity of what Bodie is doing. Watching his body language. What he sees. What he hears. What he smells that I can’t even comprehend. Sometimes we’ll walk past a high garden wall and I’ll smell a lilac bush or a sweet honeysuckle and it will instantly transport me to a childhood garden.

Our connection on these walks is special. It keeps me right in the moment with him. And that’s something that’s special.

This kind of walk can be refreshing and relaxing. And you might be pleasantly surprised how tired out your dog is afterwards. Even if you didn’t get very far!

I challenge you to do the same this week.

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