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Let’s Celebrate our mucky pups with Muddy Dog Day on 30th October.

Let’s Celebrate our mucky pups with Muddy Dog Day on 30th October.

We are extremely excited ahead of the first national day to celebrate all those muddy dogs.

It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you may have I’m sure that many of you know that dog that can’t help getting muddy.

I’m Jo Milnes from East Yorkshire, the owner of Distinctive Pets but more importantly the owner of three Labradors who can’t help but hurling themselves into puddles.

Where did the idea come from?

In a world where there are so many negatives I turn to my dogs for those smiles and joyful moments and my Labradors like nothing better than a muddy walk – for Rosie, my youngest the muddier, the better!!

I attended an online course run by Rachel Spencer talking about awareness days and I thought that a day to share our muddy dog photos with other dog owners would be a fun day.

Muddy Dog Day has been accepted and will run for the first time on Saturday 30th October.

I’m also hoping that the day will raise awareness of the importance of cleaning your dog after a muddy walk to guard against any harmful bacteria leading to dogs contracting diseases such as Alabama Rot or Leptospirosis.

How can people get involved?

There are many ways that people can be part of the day including

  • Post a photo, or three, of your muddy dog, don’t forget the hashtag #muddydogday @distinctivepets @puppypost

  • Meet up with a friend and your dogs for a walk in the countryside

  • Take your dog on a new walk – maybe find some more mud.

  • Treat you and your dog to some new winter walking gear.

  • Plan a fundraiser in your area or donate to a local dog rescue

  • And if your dog doesn’t really like mud – maybe post a photo of them being pampered

People can also share what “can’t live without” products they have for their mucky pups to make life easier after those dirty walks.

Where can people find out more?

You can find out more about Muddy Dog Day at or across social media platforms including Muddy Dog Day on Facebook but also on my social media Distinctive Pets pages too.

It would be so much fun if we could get #muddydogday trending on social media with dog owners sharing their photos of their mud loving pooches.

So let's get those wellies on and let our dogs get their paws muddy. You may make me feel better that Rosie is not the muddiest pup in the country!!!

Jo, Muppet, Molly & Rosie (in my world the muddiest pup)


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