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Let's Visit Rochester Kent UK

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Meet Reggie and Romeo, as they take us on a little tour of their favourite places in Rochester- Kent!

1: Leybourne lake is in Snodland kent; such a beautiful place so many lakes to walk around, you can do a short walk around the small lakes, if they are up for walking around the big lakes and a coffee shop at the end.

2: Herne bay beach in Kent

A beautiful beach where dogs are allowed a beautiful walk on the pier.

3: Rochester cathedral Kent

This is 10 mins from where we live such a peaceful walk, and through the historic town.

4: Ramsgate Beach - Kent

Another beautiful beach close to us, lovely walk along the seafront, they love to walk in the water and run back out they love playing there with a ball.

5:Rochester Castle - Kent

Beautiful walk around castle grounds, a great place to take pics all dogs must be kept on lead such a peaceful place.

6: Capstone park - Hempstead Kent, another beautiful lake to walk around see all swans and there is a cafe that you can take ur dogs in. If you walk further beautiful walks where dogs can run off the lead.

You can follow Reggie and Romeo, over on Instagram Here

Reggie is a 5 years old chihuahua cross bichon - and Romeo is 4 years old chihuahua they live in Rochester Kent with their mum Leone.


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