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Meet Matilda & Co

Louise is the owner of the new and exciting brand Matilda & Co, a dog accessory company aimed at the pup fashionista. As a trained fashion designer she wanted to combine her love of design with her love of dogs, Matilda & Co was born. Louise’s quest to find funky fashionable and well fitting harnesses and accessories was the inspiration for creating Matilda & Co however there is also a more poignant reason behind her efforts and one which we be sure to will pull on your heart strings.

Here’s Matilda (Tilly for short). Back in 2016 Tilly came running in from the garden and was screaming out in pain, after an emergency vet appointment Tilly was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease - IVDD and had slipped a disc in her back. This was a very frightening and sudden traumatic experience for both Louise and Tilly. Tilly had to undergo expensive major surgery. Their lives had changed overnight and life changing adaptations had to be made to accommodate Tilly’s new disability. Tilly could no longer risk running, climbing stairs eruption, jumping like a normal dog in case of a further disc eruption. IVDD is an unpredictable illness but one that can be lived with. Having a dog with a disability is not a death sentence however difficult it can be at times, dogs with this illness can have a happy and complete life.

Sadly 6 years on Tilly has relapsed a few times needing two more surgeries. In Louise’s quest to make dog owners more aware of IVDD she came across Tiny Tim On Wheels Foundation. A new foundation educating, funding and supporting special abled dogs including dogs with IVDD. This foundation creator has had the same experiences as Louise hence the deep connection they have formed to create awareness and help this cause. Louise is now a key contributor and donates from every sale at Matilda & Co to help support work this foundation is carrying out. Being able to create beautiful unique products for our beloved pups as well as giving back to a wonderful charity was Louise’s aim in creating this brand.

Who says dogs can’t have style? Matilda & Co is an exciting new dog accessory brand, creating beautiful, luxury, well fitting products for the pup fashionista. Our distinctive unique designs bring a fashionable classy but sassy look for your pampered pooch! If your pup-star is ready to stand out around town, check out our

Matilda & Co currently have a launch collection of six designs, which come in Adjustable Harnesses, Leads, Collars, Poop bag holders, Strap Harnesses, which come in sizes XXS to Large with additions coming soon of Toys, Poop pals, Rope Leads, Blankets, and new designs. The designs are original, funky, fashionable and the products are beautiful and really keep your pups standing out around town!


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