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Meet Pawsapp!

They can help you ease your dog’s separation anxiety when you return back to the office!

Working next to your dog in your home office sounds like a dream come true, but what happens when you start going back to the office? Dogs that do not get mentally stimulated while their owners are away can easily feel moody and down. That’s why going out for a walk is a great exercise not only for them to get fit, but also to increase their mental stimulation. However, finding a trusted dog care company may be challenging in times like these when you might need extra help. Meet the three co-founders of Pawsapp, Beril, Billur, and Piril Buran. They founded Pawsapp, an online dog care company, two years ago for busy dog owners who prioritize trust, convenience, and personalized care for their dogs.

Let's Chat with them and find out more...

How did you get the idea to start your business?/How did your PawsApp journey start?

We are three sisters and co-founders of Pawsapp. After finishing our studies in the US, we moved to London, and of course, we brought our pug with us. Finding a dog care company that we can truly trust was a big challenge for us when we moved here. In addition, we all had very dynamic work schedules, and finding a flexible dog walker was another challenge. At that point, we decided to launch Pawsapp for dog owners who have busy lifestyles like us, who prioritize trust, and are looking for a more personalized experience for their dogs. Since the very beginning of this journey, we have kept one question in mind, how can we make dogs and their parents happier? We are constantly working on finding better answers to this question.

Tell us about Pawsapp, what services do you provide?

We provide walking, daycare, and boarding services. We give private, one-on-one walks only. We also offer a complimentary meet and greet session to find the perfect carer according to our customers’ dogs’ unique character and needs. Our “ASAP” walks, which means booking a walker to take your dog for a walk within an hour of booking, are definitely our customers’ favourite. Currently, we only cover selected areas in Central London. Amidst the pandemic, Pawsapp has grown rapidly and we are soon launching a mobile app for our dog walking services. The app will match dog owners with Pawsapp certified, local dog walkers for private dog walking. It will also include features like instant booking, live tracking, and after-walk report cards.

Can you give us some examples of your values in action? What makes PawsApp unique?

Firstly, our main focus is our customers. Even in the beginning when we only had a few customers in our Paws family, we have always valued their feedback and provided continuous support. Whether they want to provide feedback or ask questions, our online customer support is available 24/7. We try our best to make our customers feel like they are not just customers, but part of the Paws family. We don’t want to be another online pet care company where dog owners just view profiles of carers and make a booking. After each walk, we send personalized walkies report cards summarizing the walk. We can say that we have a customer-centric company culture here at Pawsapp, that’s why we are always trying to provide a more personalized experience for our Paws members.

Still, letting a stranger take care of your pet is quite scary. How do you get people to trust you?

The main factor that differentiates Pawsapp is our strong vetting process. The most important thing we do is find trusted team members and carers, who are as passionate as we are about dogs. We conduct in-person interviews with all of our carer applicants, unlike most online dog care platforms. Only 18% of our applicants even make it to the first in-person interview to ensure we are choosing the best candidates. After the first-person interview, all candidates go through an online training called “Pawsapp University.” Pawsapp University's curriculum is focused on positive reinforcement, health, safety, breed-specific traits, gear, and problem-solving. Only the candidates who pass the interview and successfully complete the training can join our team. In addition, all of our bookings are insured.

What are your vision and plans for the future at Pawsapp?

Our vision is to become Europe's number one trusted dog care network, solving all problems of dog owners in a unique, innovative, and convenient way, making dog ownership easier, and enabling dogs to touch more lives of humans. We were recently selected for the prestigious Founder Institute London Silicon Valley Programme, a global accelerator programme for startups. We were one of the top 30 companies who were selected for the cohort. Currently, we plan to launch our mobile application this summer. The app will also include instant walk services, where owners will be able to book a dog walker within an hour. They will also be able to track their dog’s walks live and receive a notification when their dog does his business! We are all very excited about the launch and looking forward to growing our Paws family!

You can find out more and follow their adventures here:


We know and love all our small business but as a puppy parent, you know what's right for you and your pup! Always ensure you vet any pet-related service before using them!


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