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Meet Safy, Puppy Post's Secret Weapon

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Video and content creator for Puppy Post & Tec Support for Puppy Post The Market

Did you know...

That behind the scenes here at Puppy Post, there are more than one set of paws working!

Let us introduce you to Safy.

Hi, I'm Safy

I have been working for Puppy Post since behind the scenes. Some of you may know me on Instagram as @grandphics_com and some of you have met me on The Puppy's Guide To Business online events.

A Little about me...

I am currently in 6th form studying full time, as well as working for Puppy Post full time (how that works im not to sure). I am studying Buiness Management and Digital Media, with a view to continue to University to study Directing and Cinematography. I am also working my way to holding a Shot Gun certificate and I have just made it to the Elite Team at my local club.

Behind the scenes here at Puppy Post I am busy working with raw video footage as we are getting ready to release something exciting! I love working with all the photographs we get sent in, editing and enhancing them for social media and The Magazine.

I have loved getting to know so many of the humans behind the Instagram accounts and it has been an amazing experience working with you all.

I can't wait to create more content for Puppy Post and get to know more of you

Warm regards


You can follow Safy on Instagram @grandphics_com


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