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Meet Stephanie, the human behind Storm's Trails.

What inspired you to start your business?

I have always had a passion for animals and this has only ever grown through the dogs I owned. It was only through getting Storm I found myself having a keen passion for walking and really wanted to do a job where Storm could join me as in all reality she isn't a huge fan of being left. I love dogs and I am totally dedicated to them.

Tell us about what you do...

I do dog walking within Newtyle, Glamis, and surrounding areas in Scotland. I also offer dog boarding services in Dundee and Angus Area in their own home. I hate leaving my dog when I'm on holiday so when your dog boards with us they have their own mini holiday too. We go to Starbucks for puppuccinos, different places to walk and have mini adventures. Your dog will have a ball when they stay with us. We also offer Wedding Chaperone Services in Dundee and Angus Area this is where we would take your pet and look after them for the day, take them to their appointments and get them to the wedding look after them the whole time let them enjoy the best day of your life while you don't have to worry about them too.

Tell us about you! We want to know the human behind it all.

I'm Stephanie, I have Storm, a standard poodle, I have always been animal obsessed from a young age. Always stopping and helping hurt animals etc. When looking at courses in college working with animals was always on the cards but ended up going in a different direction.

What involvement does Storm have in the company?

Right now Storm is very involved. She comes on every group walk as we have just started out there aren't so many so this may need to change in the future when more clients come on to the books. She just loves all dogs so she thrives on these group walks.

Tell us more about the brand and where you see it going in the future, what’s next.

I love our logo and name of course inspired by the very same dog behind the company. Generally, I am hoping through time I can make this my full-time job and sustain myself instead of doing this on top of another job as I very much love dog walking. It has done wonders for my mental health.

You can follow Stephanie and Storm over on Instagram @stormstrails


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