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Meet Victoria...

I’m Victoria and I live with my 2 English Pointers, Toby and Jemima, 2 Horses and the Cat.

After my divorce in 2018, I was so lost that I knew I had to do something for myself to help rebuild my confidence and life. I knew whatever I did had to be in line with my core beliefs, it had to be as ethical and sustainable as possible.

I wanted to build a brand that people could and would TRULY TRUST!

Having spent 25 years working in fashion supplying the High Street, I know only too well the environmental impact the clothing industry has on the world around us:

  • Every second a dump truck of textile waste enters landfill.

  • Only 1% of clothes are recycled effectively.

  • 64% of regular clothing is made of plastic.

  • Half a million tonnes of textile microplastics enter our oceans every year.

These are only a few facts, the list of destruction goes on and on.

Green-washing is rife in the industry, with big brands making you think that they are doing their best when they are clearly not. They label things as organic, but ‘organic’ does not mean it was either ethically or sustainably made. I will never understand how retailers can claim a t-shirt that is made of recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean, as eco-friendly. That T-shirt then gets washed, only to release microplastics back into our waterways! It doesn’t solve the problem; it actually makes it worse as microplastics are far more difficult to collect. It makes no sense at all; you need to consider the end-use of a product when thinking about recycling and sustainability.

With all this in my mind, I set about looking at factories that would be able to realise my dream, which at that stage, I wasn’t even sure was possible! After months of research, I found someone who ticked every box on my list and more. It really seemed too good to be true, but the proof is in the pudding and my brand Tors & Co. was born.

All our products are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and manufactured in a renewable energy powered factory. Each product is specifically designed to be remade so that it can be recycled over and over again so that it never ends up in landfill. This is called CIRCULAR FASHION. All you have to do is send it back to us when you’ve finished with it, and we do the rest. We give a 10% discount on your next purchase as a thank you.

But it doesn’t end there… we are 100% plastic-free and all our packaging is made from FSC approved recycled paper. We even sweep up the scraps of cotton from the factory floor which are then recycled into paper labels.

Making sure everyone involved along the way is paid and treated fairly, is equally as important, so our whole production line is SA8000 certified, which means we comply to the very highest ethical standards.

I am so proud to work with my factory, who is leading the way on how manufacturing across all industries should be. They are constantly evolving and trying to find new ways of eliminating waste and producing the most sustainable clothing possible. The big retailers have the power and money to really make a difference, but all they think about is their bottom line. If the consumer keeps buying, then they will keep producing…

Well Tors & Co. is here now, proving that it CAN BE DONE!

Find Victoria over at:


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