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Updated: Feb 2

Meet our Guest Editor Prince Louis CXIII

Woooowwwweeeee! Just went on a shopping spree with the click of a button! It was that easy using the new Puppy Post Market Directory, which I am excited to share with all of you! This Directory showcases over 100 (and growing!) small independent British brands in one place.

As a Brand Ambassador and Influencer Extraordinaire, I love to support small brands and I am loyal to them because...

Puppreneurs put serious love and passion into their brands, and their hearts and souls translate into a showcase of unique and innovate products. In this marketplace, most of their items have been designed and/or made with their loving hands and the pride behind their work truly shows!

Supporting small business is about relationship building directly with the owner—the true backbone of any small business. We become like family since they are only a message away! When you work with a Puppreneur you know that someone is really listening. They are focused on the details to deliver exactly to your specifications.

Further, everybody loves having the ultimate shopping experience with high-level customer service. Puppreneurs are the first to offer customisation of a product, providing high-quality unique items that have been made just for you! I love ordering products that have that personalized signature touch! Further, they will deliver your order in style with beautiful packaging to complete the shopping experience.

It is because of those reasons and more that I just LOVE working with small business owners! I know you will enjoy pawing through this Puppy Post Market Directory and discovering new brands! Puppy Post has made it easy as all the brands are just a click away!

Join the “Power of the Pack” and let’s support small businesses together to make a BIG Impact!

Lots of Love

Prince Louis CXIII

Find me on Instagram @prince_louis_113th #supportsmall #directory #princelouis #puppyparent

You can get your paws on a copy now! Check out the Puppy Parent Page!

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