What A Week

Updated: Feb 2

The first week of a new year...

We hope this finds you all well! Staying home where you can and staying safe...

How was your first week of the new year? Are you back at work? Did you have exams that are no cancelled? Did you get Christmas post? (We did - we think Royal Mail are still catching up) Things seem to be so up in the air yet again!

Here at Puppy Post HQ, we are not to sure we really ever stopped working Christmas was busy getting ready some fun things for 2021! Especially since this year it's even more important for all us puppy parents to come together and support each other, especially those who have new puppies, being a new puppy parent can sometimes be daunting, we all need to help and support each other along the way. I simply wouldn't have managed with JoeJoe without all the amazing support from puppy parents in the park and online!

We have so many exciting things coming your way this year! Between the next few issues of the magazine, which should be going to print soon, to some fun events on social media for you all to get involved in. We will be cooking up a storm over the next few weeks with our new resident chef Storm as well as some LOVEly challenges for you to all get busy with!

As lots of you know, a big part of Puppy Post is supporting small! Puppy Post is here today because others helped and championed it along the way. Small business has been supporting each other so much recently. However so much of this goes on behind the scenes, with our Zoom workshops and masterclasses, the amazing help and support they show each other sometimes continually.... I wish I could put into words how inspiring it is to witness!

This January Puppy Post is running a 2 part intensive business challenge which kicks off this Sunday! Anyone can join! We are so excited to hit the ground running and work together with some fab friends in real-time! We also have our networking event (Puppy Post Style) at the end of this month! It was so successful last time, the brands have joined together to grow stronger and during such hard times maximise sales and come up with innovative ideas to survive this crazy time. It has been amazing receiving the feedback and emails from everyone who enjoyed and benefited from it and hearing about how went!

Puppy parents... we have some amazing things in store for you this year... some fantastic collaborations are brewing behind the scene... we are lucky enough to be designing something from scratch just for you... more recipes coming your way as well as some photo opportunities for you all to get your pups involved with! We are even preparing for our first puppy parent focus group... more about that soon...

So as I look out and dream of the day we can all go walking our pups together...

Whatever 2021 throws at us! We know that together we are stronger, supporting and championing each other along the way... THE POWER OF THE PACK!!!

Lots of Love Rivka & JoeJoe

Keep an eye on our website for News and update along the way!

If you want to join the January Biz Challenge or our Networking event register your interest HERE - But hurry as there are limited spaces!

PS: Please excuse any typos... Typed with (muddy) paws!

#powerofthepack #love #supportsmall #community

More Info 1st of Feb! Keep watching! #puplove

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