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Cheeky Little Prints


Keep your furbaby with you forever so you never lose them.

"Imagine keeping your furbaby with you forever, so you never lose them, even during those times when they can't be by your side wagging their excited tail and purrring...

As pet owners we want to be with our pets 24/7 but that isn't always possible so being able to feel connected to our furry friends when they are not with us is really important.

As a pet owner myself and having created stunning sterling silver paw print jewellery for many pet parents for over 12 years now, I know having your furbaby's paw print with you to touch and hold whenever you want brings so much comfort.

Capturing your furry friend's paw print in sterling silver jewellery is a memory making experience that you will treasure forever.

A beautiful collection of charms for bracelets, necklaces, keyrings and cufflinks can be created just for you. You can also have a little of your pet's precious fur or cremation ashes encased in silver and resin, to keep with you forever.

Be inspired by the full collection of designs on our website and begin your memory making experience today.

A pawsome collection of personalised paw print gifts and keepsakes are also available.

Get in touch today and experience our award winning customer service."

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Lisa Berry



Vita Canis

Leo Charley & Me


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