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ByBenji Biltong


UK's Premier dogfriendly Biltong.

ByBenji have adapted the traditional raw meat treat and proudly pioneering this unique dog treat collection for dogs!
Our High Value range is cut purely from prime SIlverside of Beef muscle meat, no grains. no fillers or preservatives. just unadulterated goodness for all ages and stages.
Each piece is marinated to enhance flavour and intensify aroma, evoking an unrivalled sensory experience proven to improve focus reward training and incentivising canine enrichment!
Quite frankly, it's far too good for dogs...almost!

Contact Details:

ByBenji Biltong

FREEPHONE 0800 0226026


Vita Canis

Leo Charley & Me

Battlers Green Farm, Common Ln, Radlett WD7 8PH, UK

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