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Dogs Delight UK

Nutritious hand-made artisanal treats made with local ingredients (you can pronounce) to help your dog live a longer happier life.

All the best people agree, life is better with a dog, but do you know what the most essential part of helping our dogs live the longest, healthiest life possible is? It's nutrition. When it comes to our treats, the quality, variety and provenance of the ingredients matter as much to us as the way we prepare them, so why mess around with highly-processed treats with unpronounceable ingredients shipped and sourced from who knows where? We formulate all our hand-made treats to offer optimal nutrition, using local ingredients with no added nasties in a varied and super tasty range of flavours - so you can rest assured that no matter which Dogs Delight goodies you offer your canine companion, it will be helping them live a longer, happier, healthier life.

Contact Details:

Dogs Delight UK



Vita Canis

Leo Charley & Me

Ashwell Rd, Oakham LE15 7TU, UK

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