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Furry Kids Kitchen


The Best 100% Natural Treats to create everlasting Tail wagging experiences!

Furry Kids Kitchen is all about 100% natural pet treats that will create everlasting tail-wagging experiences.

Developing treats is such fun! Recipes are designed with care to ensure the produce used are safe for our dogs. There are no preservatives, no additives, no sugars, no sweeteners and no salt in any of the products. It is all natural using fresh ingredients. The icing is one of a kind, unique to Furry Kids Kitchen.

Peanut butter is such a favourite among our Furry Kids, that most of the treats are filled with peanut. We do have gluten-free, a grain-free and nut-free options as well. Flavours are added using a variety of fruit and vegetables. The sweet potato range, I think that should be considered dessert. It aids with digestion and fresher breath, making it perfect for an after meal treat.

Then we have our complementary range of snuffle balls, tug ropes and our latest edition of Balms. First there is the calming balm to aid calm anxiety or nervous pup. Then our newly launched nose and paw balm. Not only does this balm leave your dog's paws silky smooth, it is also designed to rub onto cuts and abrasions to smooth and help to heal.

I hope that you have a Grrr Treat day!

From Petro at Furry Kids Kitchen

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