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V.I.Pets Bakery


At V.I.Pets Bakery, we pride ourselves on providing homemade personalised Cakes and Treats for you to share with your Pets.

VIPets Bakery is about providing healthy cakes and treats for celebrating loving pets. VIPets provide healthy cakes and treats for you to share with your special pet on any occasion, whether it’s a Birthday, a Gotcha Day or just because you can, we are here to help. Cakes and treats are baked freshly and posted out the same day to you to ensure they arrive fresh and ready for your special day. They give us so much, and so every celebration is special. Here I have two horses, Brenda and Sonic, and a naughty Beagle called Watson, who spends his day with me and his sister Olive who comes here every day for fun play time. If I can help with any celebration with any pet, please message me, and I will see what I can do. Lots of love to you and your pets, Tarnia

Contact Details:

V.I.Pets Bakery



Vita Canis

Leo Charley & Me

Saltfleetby, UK

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