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10 tips and tricks on capturing great pet photos on your mobile phone!

Fran shares her top 10 tips with us!

1 Use portrait mode.

Most camera phones have a portrait mode which is great for taking photos. The portrait mode on the iPhone blurs out the background giving focus to your pet. If you don’t want a blurred background switch back to photo mode.

2 Get on your pet's level.

When photographing your pet get down to their level. If your dog will sit, get them to stay while you get your focus and framing right. Tight crops are great for focusing on your pets face. If you want your pets whole body in the photo, experiment with space, more room in the foreground looks great to give focus to your pet.

3 Use a toy or treat to get your pet's attention.

If your pet is fidgety or doesn’t like sitting still, use a toy or treat to get their attention. If you hold the treat or toy just above your camera your pet will look right at you.

4 Have patience.

Remember when taking photos of your pet, take lots! Try to do a continuous burst of photos so you can pick out the best ones. If you don’t succeed the first time try again until you get the shot you want.

5 Use natural light.

I love photographing pets outdoors. Choose somewhere your pet feels comfortable, maybe your favourite park. If it is a sunny day find a shaded area.

Alternatively, if you are photographing your pet inside, you can place a chair near a window. Natural light looks so much better than false light. If the light is too bright use a curtain to soften the light.

6 Be creative.

Once you feel more confident taking photos of your pet experiment with both indoor and outdoor photos. Try both portrait and landscape modes. Try converting a colour image to black and white. It can get quite addictive!

7 Think composition.

Experiment with composition. Try photographing your dog in the middle of the frame, to the left and to the right. If you have more than one pet, try photographing both together, the more the merrier!

8 Simple backgrounds work best.

If you’re photographing your pet inside, opt for a plain wall as a background. If you are outside an open field is perfect and makes a lovely background.

9 Avoid flash if you can.

If you are photographing during the day you shouldn’t need flash. Flash can be harsh on your pet's eyes and puts a funny catchlight in their eyes.

10 Focus and avoid camera shake.

Focus is so important. A good pointer is to focus on your pet's eyes. Make sure you are comfortable and steady before taking photos. Use a chair or lie down if you are getting to your pet's level.

Here are some more of Frans photos...

Try capturing two dogs and remember to get down on their level!

Focusing on your pets eyes draws you into the photo

Try taking a photo in black and white mode, I love this option when taking photos of my dogs

Don't forget to tag us in your photos! We can wait to see them! Find Fran @ and see more about her HERE


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