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Underwater Dogs Haircare

"Did you know that dry, sensitive & itchy skin is the most common day to day canine issue?"

Photo Credits: @zoe_the_stunner @phoenix_the_big_boy @shadow_a.k.a_brutus

Someone once told me that adversity was a gift, so following a life-changing event, I picked myself up & embarked on a journey of passion. Actually, I combined my two great loves, professional haircare & dogs.

"Did you know that dry, sensitive & itchy skin is the most common day to day canine issue?"

I’d spent 15 years among the best human haircare brands in the world. I also owned a very itchy Cocker Spaniel named Ralph. Using the experience gleaned from working within the haircare industry & guided by a world-renowned haircare chemist we launched Underwater Dogs, a professional haircare range focussed on healing & rejuvenating canine skin in 2015.

Photo Credits: @zoe_the_stunner @phoenix_the_big_boy @shadow_a.k.a_brutus

The first three years were spent alongside a full-time job, markets, dog parks and expos the main ports of call. I knew that if I could just get dog owners to touch, smell & feel the difference, the rest would take care of itself.

Scepticism naturally runs high when introducing a new brand to a discerning dog owner, so it hasn’t always been easy. Five years on, we celebrate Skin & Hair Health at UWDOGS - hydrating, rejuvenating & protecting canine skin in both Australia & the USA.

Photo Credits: Rosco & Roxy & Maisy

“Why would I condition my dog, are you serious, she’s a dog? I don’t have time!”

Not every dog owner understands nor trusts the shampoo/conditioning process. I get that, although it’s good to note that professional formulations are scientifically researched & developed by chemists who understand the make-up of canine skin. It's about the ability to cleanse (without stripping natural oils), preparing the skin & hair shaft to absorb moisture. It’s all part of the skin repair process.

Just like human shampoo, there’s a myriad of products on the market. I encourage dog owners to care for their dog’s skin & hair health from the get-go, to read reviews & always consult with those who consistently qualify their results…

Photo credits: Hendrix & Prince (The cat) - Monty - Theo

“I tore my hair out with frustration owning a beautiful white Staffy who had major allergies. I first saw UWDOGS at the Dog Lovers Show & after learning ‘how & why,’ I decided to try... OMG it was absolutely AMAZING! Not only did my boy NOT react but he smelled SO good & felt SO soft. I was blown away. I now own 3 Staffies & 2 French Bulldogs & refuse to use anything else. As a professional hairdresser it’s not just about the smell - it truly soothes, conditions & helps repair skin & coats. I even use it on myself! Deb Collis, Bangor Australia.

I love what I do & will continue to produce the finest quality products that bring skin health & wellbeing to dogs everywhere. It’s my gift.

Photo Credits: Millie - Milo - Maisy -Lili Lash - Daisey - Frankie & Finn.

Gayle Walker is the Owner, Founder & Director of the Underwater Dogs Haircare Company based in Sydney Australia. A solopreneur, Gayle stems from an innovative & inspirational background, a love & life spent with fine haircare supported by great passion and commitment for dogs. UWDOGS is her greatest achievement to date, excepting the love & life spent with her now 30year old daughter, Samantha.

Gayle Walker


Maid in Australia Pty Ltd T/as Underwater Dog

Unit 1 / 1 Craig Avenue, MANLY NSW 2095 AUSTRALIA

M: +61 412 855 250 E:

Social Media @uwdogs

Underwater Dogs salon formulations contain unique, superior blends of soap & paraben-free, cruelty-free & pH-balanced ingredients. A naturally moisturising range, specifically manufactured with dry, sensitive, itchy & allergy prone canine skin in mind.

It's like going to the Hairdresser for your dog!

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